Friday, 4 August 2017

Check Out Photos of Babies Who Too Their Parent Unawares During Family Photo Shoot

Every parents would love to have this perfect family capture with their newborns when they just arrive, but somewhere along the line, this beautiful fragile lil creature take their parents unaware and have it their own way.
See more photos after the cut

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Photoshop of Beyonce!!! Yah or Nah

Biko, who did this to the mother of three. Although it looks good with that her captivating smile, but its not as cool as her original look. That is my own take.

Epic Video of a Mama Dancing During Thanksgiving.

The woman could not help but to dance to the fullness while giving glory to her God. Who can beat that dance. 

Before and an After Makeup Of an AIbino African Woman

Here comes a beautiful picture of a woman in makeup and gele. The transformation is massive but her smile killed this photo. Do you like it?

Who Did This to Rihanna? Beautiful Though!!!

This clean Photoshop of Rihanna went viral on Instagram and its looking very beautiful with makeups and a necklace. If she was to be a Nigerian what would she be called?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Nathaniel Bassey Olowogbogboro Song (Download + Lyrics)

Nathaniel Bassey, began a praise and worship moment from 12midnight to 1am since June 1st and it would be coming to an end by 30th June.

Its been a very awesome experience as people testified of the goodness of God after participating in the program. Countless testimony as been commented on the hallelujah challenge blog from all over the continent.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Checkout Beautiful Photos of Kids in Ankara Styled Design

I couldn't not help but admire this lil kids in Ankara. They look so beautiful and adorable. Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

She got her masters degree and a ring on someday

Lovely photo of @livehumbly_ken and her man when he proposed to her on her graduation day and she YES!! Congrats dear, I wish you all the best.

Classy Collection This Week

Looking good is good business. Appearing elegant and stylish is the main deal this century. You are being addressed the way you are dressed. This doesn't mean literally spending all your income to look good and bring attention, but paying attention to details on how to look in your own skin.

Elegant Ankara Styles in Class

Fashion has come on the rise that creativity is applied to Ankara fabrics. Styles ranges in amazing ways and one cannot help but want to have a taste of its feels goods to well elegant design in ankara.

Wife surprises her husband with pregnancy in a sweet way

Brianne Dow surprises her husband  Brandon with the news of her pregnancy in an amazing way. when Brainne found out she was pregnant she didn't tell her husband immediately but staged a photoshoot  and invited Brandon to the park. She explained to him that she won a session giveaway and they had to do some couple snap.

You need to watch the video and see how beautiful the story ended.

What a woman can do, a man can do better? This Men danced excellently well in heels

We have got lot of talents in this world. Its so amazing when you watch individuals passionately do what they love doing.

Checkout the video of three men who danced in heels at Britain Got Talent Show. 

Check out this video? How true is it? Being single versus being in a relationship

I watched this video but could not help but laugh. I do not fully agree with all that was illustrated but it was a nice video. Meanwhile how true is everything that is illustrated.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Photo of The Day - When Your Mrs Earns More Than You

I cannot help but laugh when I found this photo on Instagram with a caption;
"When your Mrs earns more than you."
Could that be really True? The media cannot not help but describe things in an hilarious way.

Happy Belated Birthday Denrele

It was Denrele Edun birthday yesterday and a lot of his followers, family and friends wished him the very best on his day.
Biko this photo is looking for very cute, and check out his eyebrow, what can you notice.